Michael Peter Johnson is a freelance dance artist, fashion journalist and producer.

As a dancer and performer Michael has worked with many choreographers and companies including, Wayne Mcgregor/Random Dance (Big Dance 2012) Adaire to Dance, Lea Anderson & Gary Clarke (Games Time) Tom Dale, Katherine Hollinson, Ascendance Rep, RODA, Hinged Dance Co, The Typewriters and Joseph Mercier.

Michael graduated from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance with a first class BA Hons. Whilst at Rambert School, he worked with  Kerry Nicholls (Random Dance)Robert Cohan OBE (LCDT),  Mark Baldwin, (Rambert Dance Company) alongside his contemporaries at school in creating new dance works. He was influenced by choreographers and dance mentors such as, Darshan Singh Bhuller, Charlotte Kirkpatrick, Darren Ellis, Julie Cunningham and Tiia Ourilla.

Within his own artistic and creative practice Michael thrives from working in collaboration with other art forms. Some of his recent collaborations have included working with photographers, philosophers, actors, stylists, costume designers and fashion designers. 

He has experience in arts management and is skilled in festival management, arts administration and producing. He currently works for both the Southbank Centre and Dance Umbrella Festival. Michael was recently identified as a candidate for the Bring Out Potential programme at the Southbank Centre; a scheme that has developed his producing and collaborating work within a leading arts venue.  

This year Michael co-produced Salon Outré;  an evening of spoken word, song and live dance performances at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Visit www.salonoutre.com He is currently working as a producer for the choreographer, Lindy Nsingo and for Derbyshire’s premiere contemporary dance company, Adaire to Dance.  More info visit websites here: www.lindynsingo.com and www.adairetodance.com

In 2013 Michael became the founder editor of Mode & Motion; the online chronicle of dance and fashion and has completed a course in Fashion Journalism from the University of Arts, London.

Visit Mode & Motion Facebook page for more information:



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